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Ultrasound Cavitation
Ultrasound cavitation is an advanced scientific method of reducing fat and cellulite to contour problem areas without the need for invasive procedures and surgery. Offering effective results on virtually any area of the body, Ultrasound Cavitation is extremely popular for targeting stubborn pockets of fat and cellulite that refuse to budge, even despite a healthy diet and exercise. The advanced handpiece uses low frequency sound waves to target and disrupt fat cells in problem areas, breaking down the fatty tissue and allowing it to be filtered out through the body's lymphatic system. 

Treatments are comfortable, non-invasive convenient lifestyle solution for enhancing your physique and body image confidence without the hassle, pain, downtime and costs associated with surgery. 


Ultrasound cavitation can also be combined with RF Skin Tightening to tighten and tone loose skin to the face and body.