Say Good-Bye to Pigmentation!

We're very lucky to live in beautiful Queensland with its perfect weather and pristine beaches. Unfortunately, too much time in the sun can lead to uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) therapy can help to greatly reduce the appearance of pigmentation on your face and body. Read on and we'll take you through the process of IPL Photorejuvenation.

Step 1: Consultation and Test Patch

It's important to have a look at the pigmentation to determine whether IPL photo- rejuvenation will achieve a good result. Pigmentation can not only be caused by the sun but also hormones. Hormonal pigmentation may occur during pregnancy, teenage years and people on oral contraceptives and may worsen with IPL treatments (IPL is not suitable for pregnant women). Pigmentation caused by sun damage should respond well to IPL treatments. Our highly trained beauty therapists will examine your skin using our Dermograph technology which takes photos of the different layers of your skin. If it's believed that the pigmentation will respond to IPL photo rejuvenation, a test patch will be conducted. This is an important step to ensure there are no skin reactions and to determine the right setting for your skin type.

Pigmentation Before Treatment - Right Arm

Pigmentation Before Treatment - Left Arm

Step 2: Treatment

Intense Pulsed Light is attracted to melanin, the colour found in hair and skin. For pigmentation treatments, the light will be attracted into the pigmented mass. Some skins may be too dark for safe treatment, as the light can be attracted to the melanin in the skin surrounding the sun spot or pigmented area and cause hyper or hypo pigmentation.

Two or three treatments may be needed for optimal results and treatments are performed at four to six weekly intervals.

After treatment, pigmented areas will darken noticeably within a few hours of IPL (this is normal). The skin may have a grazed look which can last from 3-4 days to 2-3 weeks. Be careful not to pick or scratch these areas. The dark, grazed areas will eventually fall off or disappear, leaving new, young skin.

Post Treatment Grazing on Right Arm after 1 treatment

Step 3: The Final Results and Maintaining your New Skin

Now that the pigmentation has been reduced it's important to follow a good skin care regime to help maintain the results.

We recommend that you avoid sun exposure on the treatment area for at least 6 weeks pre and post treatment. It's important to use good sunscreen with SPF 50+ if you do need to go out in the sun.

Apply after-care skincare as recommended by your therapist. It is vital that you follow the recommended routine to ensure best results. Our highly qualified and experienced therapists will write you a customised skin prescription designed to manage your skin concerns and prolong your treatment results.

After ONE IPL Photorejuvenation treatment (approx 3 weeks) - Left Arm

After IPL Photorejuvenation - Left Arm

After ONE IPL Photorejuvenation (approx 3 weeks) - Right Arm

To find out whether IPL photo rejuvenation can help improve your pigmentation call 3358 6902 or book a skin consultation with us online.

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