Teeth Whitening

Brighten your smile at Evolve Medispa with our range of Teeth Whitening Treatments!

Teeth Whitening is quickly becoming one of the most popular cosmetic treatments today. It's now easier than ever to update your smile with whitening treatments taking under an hour and delivering amazing results! We have three different whitening treatments to suit your desired outcome. We also offer a natural alternative to peroxide for people who have teeth sensitivites or would rather whiten their teeth naturally. 

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Our Whitening Treatments:

Executive Whitening

Worried about a job interview, wedding or reunion? Our Executive treatments have quickly become a favourite at PureSmile. The Executive treatment offers a complete smile makeover when you want to look your very best.


$143.20 when you purchase online

Platinum Whitening

PureSmile’s Platinum treatments are our most effective and are a smart solution suitable for those with extensive staining and discoloration from coffee drinking and smoking.


$159.20 when you purchase online

Signature Whitening

For a limited time you can now experience a PureSmile Signature treatment for Miss Universe Australia 2016 program. PureSmile Signature treatment uses a combination of all natural and 6% hydrogen peroxide formula to create a lasting bright smile


$199.20 when you purchase online

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The whitening process is simple:

  1. Our fully trained technicians will begin by assessing your teeth and matching your shade to our chart. They will then go through expected results with you. 

  2. Next a pre-treatment activation spray is applied to your teeth. This spray will help to prepare your teeth for the whitening process and assists in activation of the whitening gel.

  3. Depending on which treatment you choose, you will be fitted with a cheek spreader or mouthgard. Our custom whitening gel is applied into the mouthgard or directly onto your teeth if you are using the cheek spreader.  All of our technicians undergo extensive training so the gel is placed in your tray correctly for maximum results.

  4. We apply protection glasses for your eyes and the gel is then activated under our dental grade LED light to begin whitening your teeth. 

  5. This process is repeated every 15-20 minutes to allow multiple activations of the gel with the LED light to achieve best results possible.

To help maintain your new smile we offer products to use at home including an enamel booster, teeth whitening pen XL and teeth whitening and cleaning foam. 


Achived 8 shades whiter with ONE Signature Teeth Whitening Treatment (approx 1 hour)!